"Our main concern is Safety and Service"

AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX is amongst the world’s largest full solution providers of Fire Fighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarm, security systems and safety engineering under one roof. Dedicated to the science of fire fighting, AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX was established with a vision to be the world’s most recognized fire Protection Company through quality and development to save lives and properties.

Headquartered in Sharjah, UAE, AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX has spanned the globe by serving worldwide The numerous projects executed by AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX in both the private and government sectors throughout the globe are classic examples of its professional competency. These projects include residential buildings, commercial edifices (e.g. schools, hospitals, malls, sports stadiums, etc.).

As a provider of total fire protection systems, AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX undertakes turnkey projects from design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various systems like fire detection, fire alarm, fire suppression, and fire fighting systems which our customers find it very convenient to have all their system requirements under one roof provided by AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX.

AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX has been consistently maintaining ISO 9000:2008 Quality Management System certified by United Kingdom Accreditation Service[UKAS].

The company is well known for its very strong engineering team that ensures that their innovative designs are based on the standards. It also has an equally competent and dedicated maintenance team that provides a 24/7 service to ensure the efficiency of the fire protection systems for its clients. AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX offers annual and semi-annual maintenance contracts. Moreover, we also provide after-sales service, spare parts and training.

AL HUDHUD FIRE EQUIP. & DEVICES FIX’s mission is to empower customer to secure life, property and business by delivering high quality and innovative fire protection solutions and knowledge using world class manufacturing processes through best engineering practice and expand it worldwide.